About Us

xQalibre is the talent assessment platform designed by leading talent management professionals from @inqubex  and @inqsights . The basis for xQalibre is over two decades of talent assessment experience of the practitioners, where we have supported talent assessment and development for over 150 enterprises and >3000 employees. The xQalibre assessments are grounded in the job roles and assess cognitive skills, functional and behavioural competencies.

Some features that make xQalibre the assessment engine of choice for customers:

  • High quality assessments grounded in deep understanding of corporate roles across sectors
  •  Assessments that can be used for recruitment screening, training needs identification and potential assessment
  • Multiple test types which can be integrated into highly reliable and predictive assessments
  • Ready to use as well as custom test options available.
  • High speed of deployment and real-time dashboard of results
  • Capability to conduct multilingual tests.

Use Cases

Online Assessment- Development Centre deployed in KSA for a leading global consumer goods MNC. 20 future leaders identified out of 200 managers
Skill and aptitude assessment deployed to support local hiring decisions at the investment arm of the Government of Sharjah.
Managerial competency assessment for all people managers at the India operations of a global material science and manufacturing major

The science behind xQalibre

xQalibre is backed by close to 2 decades of assessment experience across industries & job roles. The xQalibre tests are designed to ensure bias-free, accurate, job role centric testing of skill, behaviours, and cognitive capabilities.

  • Reliable tests designed by experts – functional experts, behavioural experts and HR practitioners come together in the xQalibre assessment design team to create reliable instruments which are easy to understand and designed to provide candidates with realistic problems that reflect the job roles that they are applying for
  • Rigorous pre-deployment trials are carried out to calibrate the tests and validate them for the job roles being assessed. Post-deployment analytics are carried out to map feedback on hired candidate performance / probation confirmation.
  • Integrated assessments that increase the predictive validity – xQalibre includes a set of tests in the form of integrated assessments (aptitude tests, skill tests, situational judgment tests, personality tests, etc.) to increase the predictive validity of the assessment decisions in line with best-in-class research.

How we prevent cheating

We believe that candidates follow test guidelines & will not try to bend the rules. Yet there is always the potential for some to try. To prevent this, we include some proctoring features in xQalibre that deter & detect attempts to cut corners.

Some of the features include:

  • Disable of copy-paste to prevent candidates seeking help by duplicating questions
  • Full screen and mouse tracking – flagging candidates who have moved out of a full-screen interface or taken the mouse out of the test window
  • IP location tracking to ensure tests are being attempted in the geographies where candidates have indicated their location

We have also built in features to ensure all candidates have a consistent experience and the sanctity/ confidentiality of the test questions. These include:

  • Question cycling – where our test algorithms cycle pull out questions of similar difficulty levels from our vast question bank such that the tests remain fresh across large candidate groups
  • Timed tests to ensure equal opportunity for each candidate
  • Multiple attempt prevention - Each candidate gets 1 unique link which expires once the test is started to prevent multiple test attempts being made.